Search Engine Friendly Content Development

Critical to your site’s success

We include basic search engine content optimization as part of our Web site development package for every new site we develop because we believe it is critical to the success of your site. Other developers may offer search-engine optimization as an add on service (for extra cost!)

Why should my content be search engine optimized?

Search engines optimization is the technique of using targeted keywords and key phrases to make your site gets listed close to the top when someone searches for your products or services. The higher your site ranks, the more likely your future customers will find it — and the more business you will get!

A Street Web Design client sites enjoy high ranking for their targeted key phrases in the major search engines!

(Ask us for references!)

Higher search engine rankings

By including the targeted keywords and key-phrases in your website copy, we’ll help bring the right traffic to your site: visitors who are looking for what you have to offer.

We can write your website content for you

Whether you need a new site or want to improve the performance of your current site, we can help.

Using the basic information about your business you provide plus our own research, we format and edit your content so that it is effective and persuasive for your customers and for search engines. We will work with you to develop engaging Web content that effectively showcases your company’s products and services — the Web way!

Of course, you have final approval for everything that goes on your site.

Customer focused

Content is the reason people come to your site in the first place.
When developing your site’s content we focus on what’s important – getting your message out to your customers and showing them how you can meet their needs.

Are you ready to get your message out?

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