WordPress Web Site Maintenance

Who Needs WordPress Maintenance?

Everyone who has a WordPress site.

Why Is WordPress Maintenance So Important?

WordPress is a great tool for business websites but it is not maintenance free. The components of your WordPress site — WordPress core, themes and plugins — need to be kept up-to-date to so that everything continues to run smoothly and securely.

If you go too long between updates or, gasp, never do them, your site gets further and further out-of-date. Get too far out-of-date, the chances that, when you do update, something will go terribly wrong and you will need expensive troubleshooting and repair increases.

Crucial WordPress Maintenance Tasks

Backup, Backup, Backup
If there is nothing else you do to maintain your WordPress, please, please be sure to make regular backups. With a good backup, there is every chance your site can be restored should you have a catastrophic failure. Why risk losing all your hard work? There is a reason this is Number One on this list.

Update WordPress Core
One of the great things about WordPress is that a team of great developers are actively working on it to improve it. These updates include improving code, fixing bugs and adding new features. But a significant number of updates are security fixes – patches to keep the bad guys from accessing and possibly harming your site. Keeping your WordPress Core up-to-date is one of the easiest ways to protect your site.

Update Plugins And Themes
Just like WordPress core, plugins and themes are routinely updated to maintain compatibility with the latest version of WordPress and to fix bugs, improve code or add new features.

Sometimes plugins are retired; the developer is no longer providing updates. If this happens, your plugin may stop working and need to be replaced.

Themes are retired too. If your theme is no longer being updated, it is time to consider options for replacing it. Don’t wait too long. It is much easier – and cheaper – to work with a theme that is only a little out of date than one that is really, really out of date.

Affordable WordPress Maintenance

If you’d like to keep your valuable time free for the things you do best, A Street Web can handle your WordPress maintenance for you. Unlike some other companies, we don’t charge a monthly maintenance fee. Rather, we only do updates as needed. In addition, we only bill for actual time spent with no minimum.

If you’ve been neglecting your site and now it is way out of date, broken or, gasp, hacked (!!!), we can help with that too.

Although we are based in Southern Oregon and love to work with our clients in Grants Pass, Medford, Ashland and Northern California, we can help no matter where your business and WordPress site is located. Give us a call.

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