Mobile-Friendly Website Design

If your website is not mobile-friendly, you are losing business.

Like it or not, your customers are glued to their smartphones

More and more web users are accessing web sites via smart phones and tablets. For small business website owners, that means it is critical to have a site that is mobile-friendly.

What is mobile friendly Web site design?

Also known as “responsive design”, mobile-friendly sites automagically resize and rearrange to fit any screen, from desktops to laptops to tablets and phones.

A responsive design also means that you don’t have to have “mobile” and “desktop” versions of your site. One site takes cares of it all.

Mobile-Friendly Web Sites Rank Better

Google recently increased the importance it places on mobile-friendliness for search engine rank. This means that if your small business site in not mobile-friendly, you will rank lower than your competitors who are.

Affordable mobile friendly Sites

At A Street Web, we don’t consider mobile design an optional “add-on”. Every business site today needs to be mobile-friendly and responsive. That’s why every new site we design is mobile-friendly.

Convert your existing website to mobile-responsive design

If your current website is not mobile-friendly, we can transition your current desktop-only site to a responsive design. We can keep the design elements you like. Or, if you prefer, we can give you an updated, modernized, completely different look & feel. Or somewhere in between – it’s up to you.

Along the way, we can offer suggestions on how to improve your site to most effectively meet your goals no matter what devices your customers are using.

A Street Web Design has worked with small businesses all over Southern Oregon and the Rogue Valley – Medford, Grants Pass, Ashland, Jackonsonville, Shady Cove, and all around the US too. Give us a call.

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