Email Account has been hacked, change your password ASAP

I’ve been getting these emails warning that my email account or computer has been compromised or hacked. My clients have been asking about them too. This blackmail scam seems to be profitable which explains the increase in the number being sent.

The email subject is something like “Account compromised – Password change required” or “This account was hacked” or similar.

The message goes on…

A​s ​yo​u ​ma​y ​ha​ve​ n​ot​ic​ed​, ​I ​se​nt​ t​hi​s ​em​ai​l ​fr​om​ y​ou​r ​em​ai​l ​ac​co​un​t ​(i​f ​you ​di​dn​’t​ s​ee​, ​ch​ec​k ​th​e ​fr​om​ e​ma​il​ i​d)​. ​In​ o​th​er​ w​or​ds​, ​I ​ha​ve​ f​ul​l ac​ce​ss​ t​o ​yo​ur​ e​ma​il​ a​cc​ou​nt​.

The message demands a Bitcoin ransom or else the blackmailer will email a video of you made while you were watching porn.

This could be a bit frightening if you visit porn sites. It looks like it could be genuine because it appears that the message was sent from your own, presumably hacked, email account. Sometimes the message may include a password which may or may not be correct or current.

The Good News

Don’t Panic!
Your email account was NOT hacked. Your computer was NOT touched.

What to Do

  • Change your password

    If the password supplied in the email is your actual password for any site or service, change your password on those sites.

    This illustrates why you should have strong, different passwords for the different sites and applications you use. Also, you should change your passwords regularly.

  • Do NOT respond. Just delete the message.
  • Do NOT Pay them.

More Info

It is ridiculously easy to spoof an email sender address – to send outemails apparently sent from any address, in this case yours.

Most likely, your email address and password were obtained from leaked databases or a compromised website that may have contained your actual password.

Keep your devices safe

  1. Never open attachments (or web links) included in emails received from unknown, suspicious email addresses.
  2. Do not download software from untrustworthy, unofficial websites.
  3. Make sure you are using a reputable anti-spyware or anti-virus software installed and activated on all your devices.

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