Small business Web site owners can be targets of search engine scams and deceptive marketing practices.

Search engine scams targeting Web site owners

Sad to say, as a Web site owner and businessperson, you have become a target for hucksters and other unscrupulous types who would like to help themselves to a piece of your pie.

Several A Street Web clients have called to ask about these deceptive offers. Ofter, the offers come in the mail right after you've done something like registered or renewed your domain name.

Different types deceptive marketing techiques:

Here is a sample of "offers" I have received both in email and snail mail. My recommendation, utilize the circular file.
  • Submit to 4000 Search Engines for only $48
  • Get top ranking in all the major search engines
  • Get listed in an Internet directory - often industry related - for a fee
  • Offers to sell "opt-in" email lists for marketing your products
  • Buy PR5, PR4, PR3, PR2, link exchange over 1200 back links for as low as $75.00 per month
  • Domain name: renewal, security or registration
  • Snail mail, sometimes that looks like a bill but isn't, that offers to register your domain name in the "Internet Directory."

What all these "offers" have in common is that they take advantage of your inexperience or your (face it) natural desire to do things the easy way.

4000 Search Engines?

First, forget about 4000 search engines. There are only 3 main ones you need to be concerned with are the top three: Google, Yahoo! Search, and Bing. High ranking in obscure search engines are worthless. Concentrate on getting good rankings in the top three. For info on how to do this, see our related article: Improve your Search Engine Ranking

The Internet Directory

There is no such thing as the Internet Directory. You don't need to "get listed"; if your site is online, the search engines will find it eventually.

Top Ranking Guaranteed - Not!

No company can truthfully make this claim. If you are thinking of doing business with a company that makes this claim, be sure to read the fine print.

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A Street Web can help you avoid bad deals

Don't let deceptive marketers take advantage of your inexperience and trusting nature.

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