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How to write effective Web pages

Writing for the Web is different than any other kind.
Studies show Internet readers read differently — they scan and skim rather than read text word for word. They click away if they do not find what they are looking for easily and quickly.

This tip covers 2 aspects of developing the text for your Web pages:

  1. Electronic Style and Content: What the text should include — and what it shouldn't.
  2. Format: How the text should be organized

1. Electronic Style and Content

Communicate your message quickly and clearly.
  • Use your keywords.
  • Be direct.
    Get to the point right away. Avoid flowery language
  • Put your main point first
    "Above the fold" — the part of the page that shows without scrolling.
  • Tell your reader what he wants to know.
    And what does he want to know? How you can solve his problem.
  • Be objective - avoid hype.
    "Just the facts ma'am" increases credibility, trust.
  • Choose meaningful headings and sub-headings
    Avoid clever, meaningless ones. Be sure to include your keywords. This will also help your search engine ranking.

2. Format

Organize your text to make it easy and fast to scan.

  • Be concise
    Don't be afraid to edit ruthlessly.
  • Make text scannable.
    Readers quickly scan Web pages to determine if the page is relevant before committing to reading word for word.
  • Keep sentences short.
    Short sentences are easy to scan and understand.
  • Keep paragraphs short.
    One idea per paragraph.
  • Use headings, subheadings, and bulleted lists.
    These break up the text and make pages easier to scan.
  • Be concise
    This is listed twice because it is so important.

A Street Web can write your Web site text

With your content outline, we can develop your keyword list and write persuasive, informative Web text that sells.

At A Street Web Design, we have been writing Web site text and getting the message out since 1996.

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