Why use WordPress for your small business web site? Economical, easy to learn, search engine friendly, flexible

Consider WordPress for your Business Website

You may have heard about WordPress; it's a way to get an easy-to-use website that you can manage yourself.

WordPress, a powerful Content Management System (CMS), can be used for more than just blogging. It's easy to make new pages or change content in the simple, built-in, online editor. No more waiting - and paying - for your webmaster to make changes. You can do it yourself!

What are the advantages of using WordPress?

  1. Easy to learn and use
    It is easy to publish and update your website content using the online administration area. If you have experience using word-processing programs like Microsoft Word, you can easily learn to use WordPress. No more waiting for your web designer to make simple updates to your site.
  2. Can update your site from anywhere
    You can access your online administration area from anywhere you have an Internet connection.
  3. Easy to add new site "features"
    Plug-ins, packages of code that make the extra features work, make adding new features relatively easy to add to your site. The code is already written which saves time and money. Thousands of plugins are available for a myriad of functions: contact forms, polls, photo galleries or slide shows, calendars, even an online store and more.
  4. WordPress is search engines friendly
    Wordpress makes it easier to set up your site pages so that you can add your keywords in the right places so that your site will rank higher in search engines.
  5. Costs less
    Because much of the functionality is already written, development time is much shorter. That means WordPress will cost you less than a comparable site built from scratch.

You may need help or advice in setting up and customizing your site and choosing quality plug-ins to meet your needs. That's OK! A Street Web Design can help you get going!

Want to know more about WordPress for Your Small Business?

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