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What is a Web Host?

When you have a web site, you need to put your Web site files on a Web server — a special computer that is connected to the Internet — so that everyone can look at your site.

A Web host is a company that rents space on their Web server for a fee. There may be many web sites on one server. That's ok, because each web site has its own Domain Name or website address.

An apartment building for Web sites

You might think of a Web server as an apartment building for Web sites. You need to rent a space, like an apartment, to put all your Web site files. Without a host, your site would be homeless. No one would be able to visit.

The Web host would be your landlord. Each month you pay "rent" for your "apartment". In return you get space to put all your stuff - your web site files. The landlord, your host, takes care of all the maintenance, making sure that everything keeps working properly.

Your site has an address, your Domain Name, so that others can find you to visit. It also usually has a mailbox (or many mailboxes) which collects and distributes your email.

There are many, many apartment buildings in the world. While all basically the same, some apartments may be bigger or have more or nicer features that others. Likewise with Web hosts. The amount of rent you pay depends on how big your space is, the monthly file transfer allowed, and what other features your space has.

A good landlord

Probably the most important factor in choosing a web host is the level of service. Just as with your apartment, you want to find a landlord with whom you can communicate, who is available when you need him, and who makes sure that, when something gets broken, it gets fixed right away.

The main things to check for are:

  • Server Uptime: the percentage of time your hosting computer is running and your site is available. Understand, all computers are occasionally shut down for maintenance. However, you should look for a host with a record of 99.9% uptime.
  • Customer service: You want a host who will answer your questions and address problems promptly and courteously. When shopping, test customer support by contacting support and seeing what the response time is.

    Check to see if the host publishes their physical address and phone number on their site. Hosts unwilling to reveal their location may have good reasons for hiding.
  • Location: In most cases, if you are a US company, choose a US host. You'll be protected by US law should any problems arise.

A Street Web can host your site

At A Street Web Design, we take care of the details to get your site up and running, and monitor it to make sure it is available and working properly. We offer hosting to our Web design clients, and only to our clients. This means you get a level of support not offered by other hosts.

Our hosting includes:

  • Domain registration, renewal & DNS changes
  • Monitor Host Server for problems
  • Monitor all pages & images to make sure they load and function properly
  • Active spam filtering

Choose a Hosting & Maintenance package or only hosting - depending on your needs.

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