Email Newsletters can be an effective and affordable marketing tool for your small business

Email Newsletters for Marketing

In a world of tweeting, facebooking, google-plusing and linking-in, many small business owners may be be overlooking the oldest and one of the most effective methods of marketing - email newsletters.

Email newsletters are effective because they:

  • Offer way to build a relationship with current and potential customers. Just like friendships, business relationaships need nurturing and contact on a regular basis.
  • Help your business stay "top of mind". A subscriber may not need what you are selling now but when he do, or a friend of his does, you want him to remember you and what you have to offer.
  • Help establish your brand and your reputation as an expert in your field.
  • Are targeted. Your email newsletters is being delivered to subscribers, folks who, by subscribing, have already indicated an interest in what you have to offer.
  • Can be used in conjuction with other marketing efforts such as to promote facebook or twitter campaigns.
  • Are extremely affordable.

Effective Email Newsletter Marketing

In order to be most effective, email newsletters must be done right. Remember, everyone is busy.

Here are some guidelines to help ensure your messages get read:

  • Be entertaining or informative, relevant and timely.
    Readers want value for their time. Value may be infomation they can use or something that makes them smile. Added benefit: readers are more likely to forward useful or entertaining messages to their friends.
  • Make your messages brief and get to the point right away.
    Try to limit your message to 150 words or less. If the reader is interested, they can click for the detailed information you provide on your website.
  • Make it easy to scan.
    Use bold text, bullet points, and larger font sizes make scanning fast.
  • Limit to one topic.
    Too many ideas lead to reader boredom and distraction.

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