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What content should you put on your website?

Develop effective content to attract customers to your business website

You have decided that your business needs a Web site. You have decided on a the purpose for your site, your budget, and found a developer that you want to work with. Now comes the hard part.

The correct content will not only bring visitors to your site but convince them to pick up the phone, click that buy button, and transform them from browsers to customers.

What content should you put on your site?

1. Be a Problem Solver

Too many business sites focus on the business rather than what is important: your customers and their needs. Whether you offer products or services, the business of your business is to solve your customers problems.

  • Tell your reader what he wants to know.
    And what does he want to know? How you or your product can solve his problem.
  • Focus on benefits; not features.
    How will your service or product make life easier or better for your customer? Help shoppers visualize the rewards.
  • Answer FAQs (frequently asked questions)
    Do your customers often ask the same questions? Put the answers on your site. This demonstrates you are both knowledgable and tuned into their needs.
  • Include essential details
    Give your readers enough detail so they can make a decision to act: to call, ask for more info, or to make a purchase. Be sure to include a way for readers to easily contact you for more information.
  • Explain special concepts
    If you offer a specialty product or service make sure you include enough detail so shoppers understand what you have to offer.

2. Every Word Counts

  • Choose meaningful headings and sub-headings
    Relevant headings and subheadings break up the text and make pages easier to scan and allow visitors to quickly find the information they are seeking.
  • Use your keywords.
    Keywords let your visitors know they are on the correct site in addition to helping your search engine ranking.
  • Put your main points first.
    "Above the fold" — the part of the page that shows without scrolling.
  • Be objective - avoid hype.
    "Just the facts ma'am" increases credibility, trust.
  • Be direct.
    Get to the point. Don't let your message get buried in flowery language or jargon.
  • Know your target audience.
    You will have a better idea of what style and vocabulary you should use: serious, businesslike, casual, or informal.
  • Use vivid language.
    Descriptive language conveys your enthusiasm and engages your reader.

3. Boost Customer Confidence

  • Don't be coy.
    What makes your customers say "Wow!"? Whether it is superior service, peerless track record, or remarkable products, tell your visitors what makes you stand out from the crowd.
  • Share your policies.
    Let your customers know what it's like to do business with you. Publish your policies on exchanges, returns, shipping, and communicating with you.
  • Use testimonials.
    Testimonials from satisfied customers are compelling evidence that yours is an established business with experience and a history of satisfactory service.

4. Be Correct

  • No errors
    Spelling, grammatical, and syntax errors are simply unacceptable on a business Web site.

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