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Building Trust — Create Credibility on Your Web Site

How do you convince strangers to buy from you?

In a word, Trust.

Your customers need assurance that you are reliable, professional, and honest. You need to convince them that your products and services have good value and their personal information is safe and won't be abused.

How to Communicate Trustworthiness

Professional Appearance; Quality design
First impressions DO count, especially on the Web! A professional looking site conveys that YOU are a professional.

  • Domain name matches company name
  • Email account at company domain (not some free email account)
  • Appealing, appropriate & consistent design
  • Well-organized, useful content
  • Clear, easy-to-Understand navigation

On an eCommerce site, a professional looking site design is even more important. You are asking customers to trust you to fulfill their orders and keep their personal info safe. An attractive, easy to understand design is a good way to start building that trust.

Eliminate Errors
Spelling or grammatical mistakes will cost you credibility points. A poorly functioning site — broken links or features that don't work — will cause visitors to simply leave.

Make it very easy to contact you

  • The highly visible link to your Contact Us page should be available on every page of your site.
  • Include phone, email, and physical location.
    Your physical address helps to show that there is a real business with real people behind your site.
  • Encourage communication with a friendly message on your contact page.

Communicate your message simply, concisely, and sincerely

  • Establish a professional yet friendly tone
  • Get to the point quickly
  • Avoid marketing speak; Use plain language that everyone can understand

Be Up-Front
Your customer want to know what happens if...
Address your customers' concerns directly with clear answers that are easy to find.

  • Detail your return & exchange, warranty or satifisfaction guarantee policies
  • Address privacy, sharing personal information and site security issues.
  • Don't make shoppers hunt for ordering or shipping information, or worse, make them wait for a surprise when they place an order

Offer References
Testimonials from satisfied customers are compelling evidence that yours is an established business with experience and a history of satisfactory service. Be sure to include a full name and identifier such as city or business name.

Get Acquainted
Use your About Us page to introduce your company and describe your company's outlook, history, affiliations, and most important, achievements. Your company's record of past performance helps customers decide to do business with you.

Then Show Off Your Expertise
Develop articles that showcase your expertise and experience with your products or services. Such content not only helps bring visitors to your site, it also demonstrates that you are knowledgeable, an expert.

Update your site's content regularly
Fresh content signals that there is someone actively caring of the site, and by extension, paying attention to the needs of the site's visitors.

High Search Engine Ranking
Although this should have no effect on how trustworthy your business appears, to some of your customers, a good ranking in Yahoo or Google implies credibility.

A Street Web can help you develop the content to increase credibility and develop trust on your Web site

At A Street Web Design we take care of the details so you don't have to!

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